SI Motorsports Inc. is proud to offer the famed Plank Motorsports bolt on 4-link and the equal length I-beam kit. Both kits are hand fabricated using 4130 cromoly and tig welded for superior strength. The kits are race proven and are the highest quality on the market today. The kits were designed utilizing proven suspension geometry creating unsurpassed traction, weight transfer, and vehicle handling characteristics. Whether used on a high end Trophy Prerunner or a class 7 open race truck, these kits will meet and exceed your highest expectations.
Ranger I-Beam Kit
Quality Crafstmanship

The bolt on I-Beam Kit was designed for 2wd and 4wd Ford Ranger frames from 1986-1997. The kit is 100% bolt on and was designed to be used on race vehicles. The kit is 6” wider per side and boasts up to 21” of suspension travel with correct shock placement. The kit utilizes a king pin design with pivot points that minimize camber change and work in conjunction with a crossover steering system that provides zero bump steer and correct steering Ackerman. The kit includes: I-Beams and Radius Arms with Pivot Brackets, Pitman Arm, Steering Swingers with Pivot Brackets, Drag Link with Ram mount, and all necessary Stainless misalignments and Delrin bushings. Rod ends and spindles are available at an additional cost.

>> $7500.00

Ranger Four Link Kit
4 Link Streched!4 Link Kit4 Link Kit
4 Link Kit4 Link Kit4 Link Kit

The bolt on 4-Link Kit was designed for 2wd and 4wd Ford Ranger extended cab frames from 1986-1997. The kit is 100% bolt on and utilizes factory holes for correct placement on the frame. The kit was designed for race applications and requires no cab modifications. The kit yields up to 28 inches of wheel travel with a kicked frame and correct shock placement. Due to the extensive R&D that went into the kit, the kit has superior handling ability and was designed so that no sway bar was needed. The Kit includes: Upper and Lower Links with Pivot Brackets and all necessary Stainless misalignments and Delrin Bushings. Rear end Link Pivot tabs and a detailed CAD drawing for their placement are also included. Rod ends and rear housing modification available at an additional cost.

>> $3500.00

SI Motorsports, Inc. Kingpin Spindles

These spindles were designed to replace the E-350 style spindles utilized over the past decade of offroad racing. The spindles feature a 4130 billet design with an 8 degree Kingpin Inclination. The face of the spindle is machined to accept a variety of bolt on snouts depending on your budget. From a stock Dana 44 snout and hub assembly to a 21/2” bolt-on snout with billet aluminum hub, these spindles are the next generation in strength and quality. The spindles also feature bolt on caliper adapters for each application and include a tig welded 4130 steering arm.

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The Ranger bedcage is designed to fit 86-97 Ford Rangers and is built completely from 4130 chromoly and tig welded for maximum strength and durabillity. The bed cage was designed for a 16" stroke bypass shock and features fully boxed shocks mounts that are precisely located for proper shock angle and progression on a leaf spring Ranger. Since the bed cage is 100% bolt on, there is no need for welding.

>> $1200.00