About SI Motorsports Inc.

SI Motorsports Inc. owner, Tom McKenzie has been working in the offroad industry for over a decade. Tom started his career in 1996 when he began working for Larry Plank of the legendary Plank Motorsports. Tom initially began by prepping many race trucks from the Score racing circuit including trucks driven by: Scott Steinberger, Todd Clement, Matt Pike, Pat Bell, Billy Bunch, Bob Land, and many others.

After spending several years prepping race trucks and being part of a full time race team, Tom began his fabrication career. Plank Motorsports was now taking everything they learned from years of offroad racing and began building some of the most well designed and engineered suspension systems and Trophy Prerunners on the market. From the legendary “Big Bird F-150” to the fast and agile “Drywall Guy Ranger”. Plank Motorsports had cornered the market and was now building four tube chassis F-150’s for several top race team owners with one thing in mind: “Be the fastest prerunners in the desert”.

Then tragedy struck in September of 2000, when Larry was killed in an unexpected plane crash. With his Boss, Mentor, and one of his best friends now gone, Tom knew he had to keep the knowledge and expertise learned at Plank Motorsports alive. Therefore SI (Suspension Innovation) Motorsports Inc. was founded in late 2000. Since then, SI Motorsports has continued Plank’s legacy and produced many high end Trophy Prerunners and race quality suspension systems.